Corpus Christi Wi-Fi:
Model City for Advancement

The new Wi-Fi wireless network will soon cover the entire city, changing our utilities, the way we do business, and boosting the economy. We are the first city in the world to add this capability.

"Why WiFi?"
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“You can work from anywhere; you can play from anywhere; you can shop from anywhere.”

Children can work with their parents and communicate with teachers from home, and parents could check on student progress from anywhere in the city, Gericke said. Sports fans could watch streaming Dallas Cowboys games from their seat at Whataburger Field.

“It should do crazy things to our economy,” says John Howell of Rightway Online. “No longer will we work with the idea that this is my store here. We should be able to sell everywhere.”

The key, however, is making sure people are educated enough to take advantage.

“There’s a big difference between those who understand how to use the Internet and those who don’t,” Howell said. “I’m shocked at how many people really don’t know how to use the Internet.”

Apart from the network’s practical applications, the increased attention on the city as a pioneer in wireless networks will reap additional economic benefits.

“It’s one of the most positive things to happen to the city in a long time."

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